Should You Use Adsense Optimized WordPress Theme?

Should You Use Adsense Optimized WordPress Theme?

adsense Optimized Wordpress Theme

Google Adsense is undeniably one of the excellent ways to make money over the internet.  But in order to produce money from Adsense, you should optimize things like ad color, ad placement and other things. Using Adsense plugins is a good idea, but many recommends using dedicated WordPress themes to easily boost Adsense income.

If you’re utilizing WordPress Adsense optimized free or paid theme, you don’t have to think of where you should place ads or so, as the theme itself will provide the right place for ads in which you can place the adcode and thus, the advertisement is generated. (see a nice collection of Adsense optimized WordPress themes here)

Take a look at some of the best Adsense optimized WordPress themes that are great for all niches.

  • Ad-Sense – features better ad placement, ad blocker detention, ad management and content locking for ad block users.
  • Adsos – offers all the relevant features that users need to rank higher on the results page of search engines. The theme provides specific features needed to boost ad CTR.
  • Daily – perfect for those whose website has busy application schedule and want something functional and quick to help you through it.
  • Sensational – with a theme that promises to turn your average-looking site into a smash.